Undergraduate Transfer

Undergraduate Transfer:

Undergraduate transfer is possible for the equivalent diploma programs of higher education institutions whose quotas are announced by the Higher Education Council (YOK).

Application Requirements:

 1) Being student in an equivalent higher education institute:

The prospective students should have a registered status in an equivalent higher education institute during application.

2) At least two semesters must be completed for undergraduate programs; at least one semester must be completed for associate degree programs:

Prospective students applying for a transfer must have completed at least two semesters in undergraduate programs (except for foreign language preparation class) and prospective students applying for a transfer must have completed at least one semester in associate degree programs.

3) All the courses must have been completed for each semester:

The prospective students, who are registered in the program, must have completed all the courses of the curriculum for the each semester and have passed. If not, they will not be evaluated.

4) Quarter system:

The academic transcript is converted to quarter system with the conversation table of YOK (Higher Education Council)

5) For the prospective students who do not have YGS score, the lowest entrance score of state universities is valid:

OSYM (Measurement Selection and Placement Center) the lowest entrance score to state universities is valid.

Transfer from abroad:

The University Senate determines the quota for transfer to higher education institutions of abroad. To apply for transfer from abroad, the prospective students must have the base point of the transferred department. There is no requirement to pass all courses for students who have studied abroad. In this way, students studying abroad who have applied for transfer will be determined by a quota by Senate of the university. For transfer, the university senate must accept equivalence of foreign higher education institution. The higher education council declares the minimum scores for transfer. The minimum scores are required to apply for transfer.

Required documents for application:

1) Copy of University Entrance Exam results

2) Academic transcript (a notarized translation of documents for foreign languages)

3) Passport photo (1 Piece, last six months, from the front, clearly representative of a candidate pulled out)

4) Documentation of the absence of disciplinary penalty

5) Document of the student's curriculum and course content (A notarized translation of course content for foreign languages)

6) For applications from abroad, adding documents of the institution of higher education as informative.


After the online transfer application, apply for pre-registration is necessary with the required documents by personally or deputy notary.

Minimum Points:

Minimum 3.00 out of 4.00 or minimum 75 points out of 100 is required for application.

Assessment Score:

Rating Score, =, (OSYM) Score * 100 the referenced program score, + Grade Point Average (C)


The candidates are ranked from highest to lowest score of evaluation. The quota determines the candidates. (Full candidates and alternate candidates)

Application Dates:

For the application dates please refer to the academic calendar of Marmara University. Transfer of Associate and Bachelor degrees and registrations are completed in July. (additionally in January if it is needed).

Lower limits for English Language Proficiency Exam (fully or partially)


Students with some exceptions:

 Students with some exceptions can be transferred to our University.



The children whose in charge of public institutions or foreign diplomats’ children. ( Depending on some specific criterias)

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