Department of Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

Organisational Transfer

Organisational Transfer:

A student who is registered at Marmara University can transfer on organisational level.

Application Conditions:

  • The student must be registered the same level diploma program during application.
  • International Students and the students from abroad can apply for the program.
  • The student must have minimum 2.75 Grade Point Avarage, up to the completed terms.
  • The students who dont have minimum 2.75 Grade Point Avarage can apply  if their YGS/LYS score is equal or higher then the diploma program’s point which they chose.
  • The students’ point can not be lower than OSYM (Measurement Selection and Placement Center) the lowest entrance score to the related department.
  • The student must have extra requirements if applicable.

 Application Date:

For the application dates please refer to the academic calendar of Marmara University.

Required documents for application:

  • ·         Transcript
  • Copy of University Entrance Exam results


Student Affairs department is responsible about evaluation

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