Students From Abroad

Foreign Students:

Foreign students and Turkish citizens, who have had high school education abroad, have right to become student at Marmara University if they successfully pass the MUYOS exam.

Who can apply?

  • Foreign students
  • Turkish citizens who have studied the last 3 years of high school education abroad
  • Foreign citizens holding dual nationality (one of the nationalities must be Turkish)
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens who are successful the GCE AL exam

How to apply?

Prospective students who wish to apply for Marmara University as foreign students should follow the announcements on our website. Candidates can apply online after starting of the applications on BYS (Information Management System). Applicants who apply online and pay the application fee are approved to take the MUYOS exam.

How the application process is completed?

The prospective students, whose applications are approved, have to take the MUYOS exam. Letter of acceptance is sent to the prospective students if they successfully pass the exam. Required documents for registration are outlined in detail in this letter. The students who are inadequate in Turkish language are offered to take Turkish language preparation for 1 year in our university or in another institution. The education process is the same for both foreign students and Turkish students. When the education process is completed, the foreign students receive the certificate of Marmara University.


The prospective foreign students who want to study at our university have to take MUYOS exam. This exam has 2 years of validity. The examination results are used for undergraduate and/or associate degree, not for transfer or post-graduate. Two different tests are applied to the candidates and these are given during the exam as two different booklets. The 80 questions of Basic Learning Skills test are applied in Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian. This test aims to measure general abilities; maths and geometry. The second test is Turkish test, which aims to measure comprehension ability of the Turkish expressions. All questions are multiple-choice questions consisting of four or five options. Every question has only one correct answer. There is 20% restriction for every department for the same nationality students. If there is empty space left in the basic quota then this rule doesn’t apply.

Minimum 50 points is required to apply for a program. Application dates are indicated in the academic calendar and the prospective students can apply for 4 programs at most.

Required Documents for Registration:

  • The resulting document of MUYOS
  • High school diploma and diploma equivalency certificate
  • Student visa from foreign delegations
  • Notarized passport
  • Residence permit
  • Four photographs
  • Receipt of tuition fees
  • Foreign language proficiency certificate (if applicable)
  • Turkish language proficiency certificate (if applicable)
  • Fully fledged medical report for medical departments
  • Chest x-rays and report for Science and Literature Faculty’s department of chemistry

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