Facilities for Handicapped Students


Handicapped Student Unit in Marmara University is working on projects to make the units such as library, dining hall, canteens, health center, dormitories, WCs, laboratory and sportive areas more available for the handicapped students. These activities are as follows:

  • A web portal is formed for handicapped students to access to administrative and academic departments. Moreover, “Handicapped Students Communication Form” gives an opportunity to these students to write their wishes and complaints.
  • Handicapped Students Unit web page is follows:



  • Visually-impaired students are taken to private exam halls in the supervision of the academic staff.
  • There are WCs for handicapped students in Goztepe Campus Dining Hall.
  •  In the Sports Hall, Handicapped Students Elevator, WCs, changing rooms and suitable chairs are built.
  • A student club called “Life Doesn’t Know Handicaps” is founded to provide handicapped students to adapt to social and cultural life in our university. 
  • There are special keyboard for sightless students in our library.
  • There are smart boards for sightless students.

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