Minor Program


Minor degree program is a certificate program, which aims to make the students informed in a different major. In the end of the program students cannot take diploma.

Application Process

Students can apply for the minor program in the end of the third semester to the beginning of sixth semester. Letter of application is required to apply double major.

Evaluation Process

2.75 from 4.00 is required for application. Students must complete successfully all the courses when applied for the second major.

 Result and Notification

Students are informed about the results from the University web site.

Graduation Conditions

  • The student must succeed all the required courses in minor program. 
  • To continue minor program the student must have at least 2.00 from 4.00.
  • Also to continue minor program the student must have at least major program GANO 2.75 from 4.00.
  • If a student completes the first major program, education process can only be extended for two semesters. 
  • Student can take the first major diploma if the minor program is not completed.

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